The Symbols and Meanings of Biafra Coat of Arm

Explaining the Symbols of Biafra Coat of Arm, Beginning from the top.
THE EAGLE: The Eagle Represents  for the pride and self-esteem of Biafra as a sovereign nation under heaven. 
THE COW HORN WHICH THE EAGLE STAND ON: The cow horn which the Eagle Stands on Represent the rich cultural heritage of Biafra Land. Biafrans hold in high esteem their cultural heritage. 
THE SHIELD: The beautiful shield Represents  the map of Biafra. The land mass of Biafra which stretched down to the Atlantic ocean. 
THE RISING SUN ON THE SHIELD: The eleven rays of the sun represented the eleven provinces of Biafra . Biafra being a leading Light to the World.
THE 3 RINGS ON THE SHIELD:  The 3 rings on the shield Represents the Three patriachs of Biafrans. These fore-fathers are Eri, Areli and Arodi, 
THE TWO LEOPARDS HOLDING THE SHIELD: The Two Leopards hold the shield Represents  the armed forces of Biafra.  

THE GREEN FIELD: This Represent the  rich mineral resources, Fertile land,and great agricultural potentials. 

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